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For Sheriff Coltrane

It was just getting near dusk in the countryside of Georgia. By all signs, it looked to be a cool and comfortable summers evening. Auto was driving his car along the paved roads, the car buzzing like the well oiled machine it was emulating. He was off to visit a rodeo, his first one. Of course he had seen them in movies, but the experience was too good to miss out on. He was already dressed in a plaid shirt, jeans, and a black hat, slightly John Travola-esque in his choice of clothes.

Suddenly Auto noticed to the side of the road, a smoking car that was half wrapped around a tree. He pulled the car to an abrupt stop, the momentum not even registering with him as he opened the door and got out. Hoping he would be able to help.

As he got closer, he found it to be a police car. "Hello? Is anyone there?" he said, coming to the busted window of the driver's side.
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"Well, of course, anyone is here! You think this car got wrapped around a tree by itself?!" an irritated voice said from the back seat.

Rosco Coltrane was trying to squeeze himself from the front seat to the back, but had managed to get only half way so far. He was wiggling furiously, cursing the Dukes under his breath. Rosco stopped fighting his way across the seats long enough to wrench open the back door. He needed all the room he could get.
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"Ooooh!" Rosco shouted, as he found himself leaving his vehicle, his eyes wide in astonishment and just a bit of fear. Once standing, he grabbed at his hat, pulling it down onto his the point it covered the tops of his ears. "I'm fine. Thank you."

The thanks were abrupt, but sincere. Rosco studied the other man.

"I don't know you. You just passing through?"
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"There is, yeah. That's Sheriff Little's territory, though," Rosco said, a bit grumpily. "Oh, heck with the car! Cooter Davenport will get it fixed up. What happened? I was chasing those blasted Duke boys! That's what happened. They scuffed my car up good and I'm just lucky I wasn't scuffed too."
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"I didn't see which way they went. I was wrapped around a tree!" Rosco fumed, then gave a brief sigh. "We was heading west, when I crashed. I'm surprised they ain't come back. They usually check on me, after a chase ends."

He peers at the car and grins.

"I'd sure love a ride in that beauty! Ermph," Rosco coughed. "I can't be taking a civilian into hot pursuit though."
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Rosco chortled with glee.

"Oh, that's good news, good news. All right, then, lets get this show going!"

He walked over to the Lamborghini.

"I don't suppose you'd let me drive? I mean, with me knowing the roads and all?"

Rosco didn't really think that would work, but it never hurt to try.
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Rosco shrugged. He'd figured as much.

"I can do that," he agreed, climbing into the car. "Well most of it is a Dodge Charger...just look for a bright orange car with a one on the side and a confederate flag on the roof."
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"Oooooohey, you're getting me scuffed, fella!" Rosco protested. "Where's the seatbelts on this thing?"

Rosco was fussing, but that was mostly habit. Truthfully he was impressed and feeling optimistic. This car seemed mighty fast...maybe even faster than the general!
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"How can you say that, when I'm slippin' and slidin' all over?" Rosco asked indignantly. "It's like being shook up in a snowglobe."

He tried to brace himself with his feet and hands. It was uncomfortable and not terribly effective. Still Rosco had to admit he wasn't being damaged. He peeked out the windshield.

"You spot 'em yet?"
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"Well it is," Rosco conceded. "That's them!"

He watched Automan maneuver, grinning with admiration.

"Ooo you're about as good as Bo! Maybe better! You go on ahead. Those boys never do listen to me."
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Rosco sighed. He ignored the bit about Adam 12. He was familiar with the series, but couldn't imagine what it had to do with their chase.

"I coulda told you that wouldn't work. Them Duke boys don't listen!" Rosco scolded. "You got a cb in this thing? Just be careful, cause Bo's full of rotten tricks. He's the blond doing the driving. He likes jumping creeks and things like that."
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"Ooo. Thank you," Rosco said politely, grunting a bit at the sharp turn. He picked up the cb and spoke into it.

"Allllll right, you Dukes! This is Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane. You ain't getting away this time. This is a federal vehicle and can keep up even with you! Now, you just pull on over!"

"We know who you are, Rosco," Luke responded, somewhere between annoyed and amused with the older man. "We ain't stopping. Seems kinda fancy for a government car. Who's your new friend? And why does he want to be friends with you? We ain't done nothing to get the Feds on us."
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"Well, that's right neighborly of you," Luke said, chuckling. "We appreciate you taking care of our sheriff for us. What happened to your car, Rosco? Are you okay?"

Rosco huffed in annoyance. He didn't really want to answer, but didn't want to be rude, either. He'd started the talking, after all.

"I'm fine. I'm here talking at ya, ain't I? Now, you heard Agent Mann. Just pull on over!" Rosco insisted.

"Now, you know that ain't how this works," Luke teased. "He may have a good car, but he don't know Hazzard half as well as we do!"
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"Well, the Jamisons and Blanchards have farms out this way. It intersects with Mill Road and there's the pond, of course. Go far enough and you'll hit the old mines."
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"What the heck kinda car is he driving?" Bo demanded indignantly.

"I don't know, but I don't think we're gonna lose him this way," Luke admitted.

Rosco stared at Mann in amazement.

"Good grief. You oughta drive for NASCAR! We might actually catch them! If you get in front and put your brakes on, you might stop them that way."
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Rosco just held on for dear life.

"Yeah, don't hurt 'em none," Rosco agreed. "Not that it's likely. Those boys are slippery as eels in grease!"

He gives a small sigh of disappointment at Bo's maneuvering.

"Yeah. They are that. Naught and persistent and cocky!"
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Rosco burst into triumph giggles, climbing eagerly out of Auto's car, as soon as it was stopped.

"We got 'em, we got 'em!" he crowed, pulling out his gun.

The Dukes climbed out of the General Lee, looking more annoyed, than worried. Seeing the gun in Rosco's hands, they half-heartedly put their hands in the air and waited to see what the two lawmen would do next.
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"They ain't kids!" Rosco protested, but his face did betray a brief flash of guilt. He screwed his face into a mask of sternness. "They've been breaking the law and thumbing their noses at law and orders since Bo turned sixteen and got his license!"

"Rosco, you know that ain't how it is!" Bo protested, while Luke just shook his head wearily.
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Rosco glared at him, his hands going to his hips.

"What do ya mean a settlement?" he demanded. "I ain't like Roach. I ain't gonna ignore their bad behavior, if they promise to quit doing what they had no business doing to begin with! Anyways, these boys are already on probation for running 'shine."

"Rosco, we haven't run 'shine in years. You may not like our probation, but you gotta admit, we've kept our word," Luke tried to reason, though with little hope that the sheriff would listen this time.

"I ain't gotta admit nothing. You're're just up to no always!"
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"There's plenty of reasons other than that!"

"Even if he has to make them up and forge evidence," Luke said wryly.

"You, hush!" Rosco ordered. "These boys are not some first time offenders. They're always either getting in trouble themselves or caught up with people who are causing trouble. If you only knew half of what has gone on around these boys, you wouldn't be so quick to defend them."
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"Well, what do ya think I was getting ready to do?" Rosco sputtered. "You boys are under arrest for speeding, reckless endangerment of yourselves and others, resisting arrest, destruction of public property, fleeing the scene of an accident--that you caused! Um," Rosco hesitated, for a moment genuinely not remembering why he had started chasing the Duke boys.

"Boss is framing us for holding up the bank. Again," Bo reminded him, annoyed.

"No, he ain't!" Rosco protested. "This time he's got proof."

"Okay, someone else is framing us and you're just accepting things at face value," Luke said.
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"The Dukes did it!" Rosco snapped. "Anyways, ya can't take suspects on an investigation."

"You know we wouldn't do anything like that," Bo said angrily.

"Come on, Rosco. We tried to tell you about those guys stealing our wallets."

"Oh, tiddly doo, you Dukes is always full of excuses and trying to trick me," Rosco complained dismissively.
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hahaha I'm winging it Someone said if you get stuck writing kill someone lol

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Rosco looked at Auto in alarm for a few seconds, then pursed his lips.

"All right. You're the federal agent and it is a bank job. We'll go investigate, but you're responsible for keeping track of the Duke boys. Trust me, you'll need to keep both eyes on them. I'm telling ya they aren't as innocent as they look."