automan: (neon car)
2015-11-30 09:01 pm

For Sheriff Coltrane

It was just getting near dusk in the countryside of Georgia. By all signs, it looked to be a cool and comfortable summers evening. Auto was driving his car along the paved roads, the car buzzing like the well oiled machine it was emulating. He was off to visit a rodeo, his first one. Of course he had seen them in movies, but the experience was too good to miss out on. He was already dressed in a plaid shirt, jeans, and a black hat, slightly John Travola-esque in his choice of clothes.

Suddenly Auto noticed to the side of the road, a smoking car that was half wrapped around a tree. He pulled the car to an abrupt stop, the momentum not even registering with him as he opened the door and got out. Hoping he would be able to help.

As he got closer, he found it to be a police car. "Hello? Is anyone there?" he said, coming to the busted window of the driver's side.